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5 november 2012

Paris is always a good idea

I was so lucky to go to paris two days ago! A find of mine called me 23.30 in the evening that we could go to paris for just one day for only €35. Of course we went the next day. It was amazing! Only walking trough the beautiful old streets makes my day. I bought little. Just two lipbalms. And a belt. But i had a wonderful day!

Plus when i came home the watch i ordered had arrived. I love it. What do you think?

Xxx, lots of love,

24 oktober 2012

WHI photos

Weheartit.com, what an incredibly amazing site. I can't imagine a life without it. Maybe I'm exagerating but let it be clear the site is the best. ;)
When I've got a lot of homework to do, or just have to do too many things at the same time I open up weheartit to relax. On my profile you really can see my latest obsessions, the things I like to know more about, etc.. I'ts also a source of inspiration. I actually think I don't really need to explain this love for www.weheartit.com.. But here some of the photos out of my heart.


19 oktober 2012

(Instagram) photos

Unfortunately, I don't have too much sparetime to blog.. But when I do I love to. 
Anyway, I've got some ootd photos. I went to primark, gosh I love that shop! Bought amazing things for amazing prices.. haha. The cut out skater dress was only €15. I bought many other things, who knows you'll see them in the next post.

My sweet friends had a surprise for me. They wouldn't say a word about it. They made a high tea! So delicious! It was lovely! 

Also a photo of 's-Hertogenbosch. The pretty old city where I live now. I love it!
Much love, Birgit

27 september 2012

Update :)

Dear lovely readers,

The weather is slowly turning colder and it's beginning to look a lot like autumn which I love! Only the smell of fallen leaves make me crave for hot chocolate and new winter boots.. I really love the study journalism which I started 3 weeks ago. Luckily. Many people make the wrong choice.. Well thank god I feel like I've made the right one.

And well since I'm a student I cannot afford everything I want to buy, so I buy the items I love too much to let go. Like this jacket from the Lana Del Rey for HM collection. Although I'm not a huge fan of Lana ( she ''dated'' Axl Rose. Of who I'm a huge fan and I just don't want her to date him. She's actually very creepy. She recorded a song called 'axl rose husband'. Plus she had a relationship with Marilyn Manson. If you don't know him google him and you will know what I mean.) but ignoring all the above I really love the jacket. It looks amazing, the fabric looks good (for HM standards) and most of all, its so warm and cosy in this cold days, and is perfect for the weather with a nice scarf it just can't get any better.

I'm still customizing my little house. One of my roommates is leaving and I can get her sofa for free, how sweet?! Everything is going well, but unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I used to have... But I'll get a new phone, the samsung galaxy s2, with wich I will have wifi everywhere, so I can post a lot more.. Plus I can finally get an instagram account.. I've waited for it so long. :)


And by the way, I'm saving for or a new watch or a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's.. Which one should I choose?


2 september 2012

September/I'm back!

Dear sweet readers, 

First my apologies for my unannounced absence. Summer started and I just relaxed a LOT.. That's kinda what happened. I just wanted to have no obligations. Thereby I just started the study journalism and I moved to my own place closer to my school. So I now live in a student's appartment. I love it. I decide what I want to eat, and luckily I got real nice housemates. 6 other girls live in the house, so that's cozy. And I love living in the city. Although it's a small city. I now live in 's-Hertogen Bosch also known as Den bosch. It ain't big but it ain't small either. The city is very old and all the buildings are so pretty. I love walking trough the city in the early morning, the delicious smell of fresh baked bread, the sun, it's not too crowded, I love it. I could go shopping whenever I want. Just perfect. 
And by the way, Thanks Norah for reminding me of blogging.. :) 
And autumn is on it's way, I love autumn.. Summer is great but since summers in the Netherlands aren't quite the same as they are in Spain I love it a bit less than other persons.. Thereby I love the smell of the leaves on the ground, Just drinking hot chocolate milk and lots of latte macchiato's (gosh, what a great drink!),I find the clothes  so much prettier than summer/spring clothes, layering your clothes, sitting in front of the fireplace/hearth, the beautiful lights in the evening... It's great I think. And it may not be autumn yet, but here the weather is autumn-like.. 


Thank god umbrella's are invented (or you're sitting inside :))

Much Love, 


1 juli 2012

Maxi dresses/skirts


Gosh, they're so pretty! Even prettier in the wind. Every color looks a hundred times prettier on a maxi skirt/dress and they make you look so elegant and look just like a princess. I love them so  much that I decided to just put some photo's of these pretty dresses in here. Just for inspiration, amusation, or whatsoever. :)


26 juni 2012


Dear lovely readers,

I know it's been a while... But I've got some good news..
First of all; I graduated! Yay, those six years of high school weren't for nothing. I enjoyed my time there with friends. 
And I'm gonna live in my very own place. It's small, but central 's Hertogen bosch.. Guess nobody knows where it is. But it's a very pretty and old city. Anyhow, I got my own toilet but  bathroom and kitchen I've got to share with 6 other girls. The other girls are all very kind and I hope we're really gonna have a good time together! I'm so looking forward to it! 
And next monday I will depart to Barcelona! And I just came back from London.. Okay 2 weeks ago.. I went there with my best friend, Eva. We've been friends for 13 years!

And I bought so many new shoes! Gonna show them to you very soon. 
Well I'm very excited about everything. 
But I've got a question. Because you all helped me out so good with to do and see tips in London. That I actually want to ask the same for barcelona. Where to find the best restaurants, vintage shops and the most gorgeous shoes in Barcelona? It would help me a lot! :) 

Lately I'm so obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts.. the look so pretty!  And of course mint, how beautiful is that color!
Oh, gosh! I'm just craving to have this bikini. I love the galaxy print... Doesn't it look amazing?
My heart skips some beats while looking at this photo. It may be summer but summer doesn't always mean sunny weather in the netherlands.. But in Barcelona it will (hopefully) be better!
I was already obsessed with lita's.. But guess what. it only got worse! I really want these gorgeous shoes.. I already can imagine me wearing these.. They look so comfy too. Like you can walk endlesly on these shoes. And people staring at my shoes just because they're so pretty!


7 juni 2012

London ♥

Big ben ♥

In a few hours I will go off to London! Finally! I posted a loooong time ago I was planning to go. and now finally I will depart :)

I've planned to go of course to Oxfor street, Oxford circus, Camden, Covent garden and the rest I will see there.. I hope to find a lovely designer item in one of the vintage shops there.

Me and my best friend have booked an appartment via Wimdu.com.So I'm very curious how that will be.. You actually hire somebody's appartment. Maybe the person had a room left in his or her house or just tries to make a living out of it. We only payed €34 a night for 2 persons. So that ain't too expensive. That means a lot of money left to spend.

I will show you some photo's, and tips, etc.. .when I get back. (sunday)

below some photo's which I took the last days..

1 juni 2012

Birthday Marilyn

Pinned Image

To celebrate Marilyn's Birthday a few photo's to show how pretty she was. She would have been 86 this day.
I think there's no need to tell who she is, and if so there are hundreds of internet pages full that will tell you.
She was amazingly pretty, is one of the icons that will exist forever. Plus, she just had a 'healthy' size compared to models these days ( red: Karlie kloss, etc...) But luckily Vogue lately made a few rules about their models which is amazing!but wel to celbrate marilyn and everything she was a few lovely photos!

31 mei 2012

how to make your own chips/ crisps

 Okay, step one: Slice a potato as thin as possible! I first used a knife but later I used a cheeseslicer or in dutch just kaasschaaf. :) This just is the most efficient and (a bit more) safe way.

14 mei 2012

Lipstick Rose passioné

 While the sun finally shines a bit here in The Netherlands and I'm listening to some 'summer feeling music' and loving my new lipstick. And most of all finally some sunlight after all this rain we've had here. :) 
And some more good news. My trip to London is finally booked! :) And I'm also in the middle of my exams right now.. I had art history today, dutch tomorrow and have economy on wednesday. Wish me luck ;) hope economy goes well.

The lipstick's named: 13 rose passioné

Bourjois has the greatest make-up. especially the colors are so pretty. I found this lipstick and instantly loved it. What's your opinion about Bourjois and the whole thing? 

xxxxxx Birgit

6 mei 2012

Meet glamour

As an faithful subscriber of Glamour I was invited to come to the Glamour office. I guess it's because of the new editor in chief. It's in Diemen, which is close to Amsterdam. So I planned a litte go-to-see-the-none-h&m-a-like-shops-day :) I went to see a lot of cool shops, found a litte chinese shop where you could buy chinese tea, china, wallets, keychains, everything. Amazing! Anyhow, I went to Diemen finally. And when I finally found the office I was way too early. (normally I'm late so this was new to me ;)) well I wasn't the only one who was too early, we were getting invited to get upstairs to the real office. Everywhere was glamour, pink allover, pink walls, pillows, post-its everywhere.. Loved it! They made name cards, and had a couple of bottles with Moët and ordered some fries. There were all sorts of cookies.  
The Glamour editorial staff was so kind! we were first talking about us, what we like, what our fave brands are, where we shop, then about what we like and don't like about the magazine. And then the best part came, They showed us the room with all the designer items, there was a whole clothing rack full with Stella McCartney, another with Chanel, another with gucci... I was secretly wondering what would happen if one of them would disapear.. :) haha, the woman opened another room with 'stylists own' stuff and some none desinger clothes. And another room was filled with make-up. I had a wonderful time! At last they told me that they always need trainee's, so when I'm studying I'm just gonna sollicitate there, and hopefully it's still possible. That would be a dream come true. 
And we received a goodie bag! Below you can find photos of what was inside of it! 


27 april 2012

perfect eyeliner inspiration

I've been trying for a while now, to make the perfect eye line. tried liquid eyeliner, eye pencils, eyeliner out of a marker, arabic eyeliner, gel, everything. And I must say that just eye pencils are the best if you'd ask me. but a huge disadvantage of those is that they smudge. Your eye liner isn't an eyeline, it's an eyesmudge, all over your eye lid. In my case though. Soo.... since my lines are getting curvier and less line-a-like when I use liquid eyeliner I first draw the line, then overdraw (haha, that isn't a word, I'm sure!) it with liquid eyeliner or those markerthingies. At least they don't smudge and overdrawing isn't too hard for me, I can handle it. ;)
So here's my tip for everybody who's as skilled with eyeliners as I am: first draw a line with a pencil, then 'overdraw' it with liquid so it won't smudge, and it's even 'blacker'.

All tips are welcome! Well below some inspirational photos!

Much Love and enjoy your weekends!

24 april 2012

small pretty bags

Oh, I have this weird thing with small bags. I always think theyre prettier than big bags. I got a few big ones though, but always try to put all my stuff in the little ones. haha, my wallet is often too big to fit in these small bags. I have no idea how you call these certain bags, but I love them. Which one is your fave? I'd prefer a timeless brown or black one. Maybe the first, or the prada. But I wouldn't mind to have the minty Chanel. haha! Anyhow, I'm way too lazy right now to put all of the links in here, so you can find all bags on my fashiolista profile, which you can find to the left of you!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!
I want to wish you all a wonderful evening!

Much love,

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Editor - Polyvore

21 april 2012

Love for mint


Mint, what a lovely color! Yes, its oh-so-fashionable, and who doesn't love the color!
Eversince chanel introduced the 'Jade' nailpolish and I couldn't afford to buy the real one, I bought a green and a white nailpolish and made my own. Unfortunately it turned out it wasn't too good for my nails. They had a yellow coat. Haha, later I bought a mint green nailpolish at Claire's which was empty after a half year. Since those times I love the color. Below some weheartit photos, just for inspiration and even lower you will find minty asos items. how lovely.

By the way, I'm despately searching for a green sweater, knitten, not too expensive so if any of you found one at a shop like forever 21 or something like that, I'd be glad to hear it!

Much love,

P.S. enjoy your weekend!





17 april 2012

The battle of the hotties: Johnny Depp vs. Axl Rose

Dear everyone,

Yes, another ... vs. .... And this time the lucky guys are Johnny Depp and Axl rose!
Both hot, sexy, and both have charisma. Is that also an english word? Anyhow, who would you chose?
I'd definitely chose for Axl, as a faithfull guns n roses fan, well it's actually more axl rose than guns n roses but the whole band is amazing! But who'd you choose?

I gotta go, I got a sollicitation this evening at Lush, you know, the soap store! So wish me luck!






10 april 2012

no time

First of all, I've been so busy! I got no time to blog, I even miss the blogging. I miss getting those lovely and sweet comments, and reading all of your pretty blogs, posting pretty photos, making everything prettier..
I miss it. But over a month my exams begin. And that means I have to finish all the last projects, lots of tests, etc, etc...

And I'm making plans for this summer, I'm searching for a chamber in Den Bosch, and also a job for all the free time I'll have during this summer. And it just eats all my time away.
But soon, It'll be over. And I will have time to make an outfit post or something. Something more personal.
Anyhow, some pretty photo's:

Oh by the way, two friens of mine recently visited London, and they hired an apartment. via the site www.wimdu.com it's genius! I searched for an accomodation stay, and (you are never gonna believe this) 200 meters away from the Arc de triomphe, very nice looking, 21€ a night! the's a shower and a little kitchen and everything! How perfect? I'm planning to go there this summer with my boyfriend. (when youre visiting paris, visit these gorgeous vintage shops: http://melovey.blogspot.com/2011/07/paris-vintage.html


Much love,

27 maart 2012


Look at this legging, how pretty could it be? I love it, I need it...

This skirt is just amazing, I imagine when you're wearing this skirt people on the streets turn their heads just to watch what they just saw was right. yup!
And of course a leather biker jack, essential!
And this little kitty, how sweet gorgeous and cute..
Since I saw the Diane F camera from lomography last night I'm obsessed. They make such pretty photos. So 60's-a-like. The 60's inspire me so much, I love very much things about it, including this camera! I think I want a plain white one!

What do you think?

Much love, Birgit

23 maart 2012

DIY braided bead

When I was wondering on Honestlywtf.com I saw a great diy how to make a braided bracelet, and I did it with hex beads. See here the diy: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-beaded-bracelet/
And I made one myself, but my cord was too thin, and my beads too big I guess, still like it, but I'm gonna make a better one soon! anyhow, here's an idea how it looks!


19 maart 2012

Vogue Nederland is coming very soon!

Last sunday I went shopping in Amsterdam, I had the best time, but unfortunately it was a rainy day. But, this wednesday Vogue Nederland will be in the shops (wednesday only at bijenkorf, thursday at all shops that sell  magazines) But because there the special edition will arrive at the bijenkorf, at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam everything was already made pretty. Take a look! 
I'm sure gonna get the special edition on wednesday, what about you? are you gonna get it? 

Much ♥,