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27 april 2012

perfect eyeliner inspiration

I've been trying for a while now, to make the perfect eye line. tried liquid eyeliner, eye pencils, eyeliner out of a marker, arabic eyeliner, gel, everything. And I must say that just eye pencils are the best if you'd ask me. but a huge disadvantage of those is that they smudge. Your eye liner isn't an eyeline, it's an eyesmudge, all over your eye lid. In my case though. Soo.... since my lines are getting curvier and less line-a-like when I use liquid eyeliner I first draw the line, then overdraw (haha, that isn't a word, I'm sure!) it with liquid eyeliner or those markerthingies. At least they don't smudge and overdrawing isn't too hard for me, I can handle it. ;)
So here's my tip for everybody who's as skilled with eyeliners as I am: first draw a line with a pencil, then 'overdraw' it with liquid so it won't smudge, and it's even 'blacker'.

All tips are welcome! Well below some inspirational photos!

Much Love and enjoy your weekends!

24 april 2012

small pretty bags

Oh, I have this weird thing with small bags. I always think theyre prettier than big bags. I got a few big ones though, but always try to put all my stuff in the little ones. haha, my wallet is often too big to fit in these small bags. I have no idea how you call these certain bags, but I love them. Which one is your fave? I'd prefer a timeless brown or black one. Maybe the first, or the prada. But I wouldn't mind to have the minty Chanel. haha! Anyhow, I'm way too lazy right now to put all of the links in here, so you can find all bags on my fashiolista profile, which you can find to the left of you!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!
I want to wish you all a wonderful evening!

Much love,

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21 april 2012

Love for mint


Mint, what a lovely color! Yes, its oh-so-fashionable, and who doesn't love the color!
Eversince chanel introduced the 'Jade' nailpolish and I couldn't afford to buy the real one, I bought a green and a white nailpolish and made my own. Unfortunately it turned out it wasn't too good for my nails. They had a yellow coat. Haha, later I bought a mint green nailpolish at Claire's which was empty after a half year. Since those times I love the color. Below some weheartit photos, just for inspiration and even lower you will find minty asos items. how lovely.

By the way, I'm despately searching for a green sweater, knitten, not too expensive so if any of you found one at a shop like forever 21 or something like that, I'd be glad to hear it!

Much love,

P.S. enjoy your weekend!





17 april 2012

The battle of the hotties: Johnny Depp vs. Axl Rose

Dear everyone,

Yes, another ... vs. .... And this time the lucky guys are Johnny Depp and Axl rose!
Both hot, sexy, and both have charisma. Is that also an english word? Anyhow, who would you chose?
I'd definitely chose for Axl, as a faithfull guns n roses fan, well it's actually more axl rose than guns n roses but the whole band is amazing! But who'd you choose?

I gotta go, I got a sollicitation this evening at Lush, you know, the soap store! So wish me luck!






10 april 2012

no time

First of all, I've been so busy! I got no time to blog, I even miss the blogging. I miss getting those lovely and sweet comments, and reading all of your pretty blogs, posting pretty photos, making everything prettier..
I miss it. But over a month my exams begin. And that means I have to finish all the last projects, lots of tests, etc, etc...

And I'm making plans for this summer, I'm searching for a chamber in Den Bosch, and also a job for all the free time I'll have during this summer. And it just eats all my time away.
But soon, It'll be over. And I will have time to make an outfit post or something. Something more personal.
Anyhow, some pretty photo's:

Oh by the way, two friens of mine recently visited London, and they hired an apartment. via the site www.wimdu.com it's genius! I searched for an accomodation stay, and (you are never gonna believe this) 200 meters away from the Arc de triomphe, very nice looking, 21€ a night! the's a shower and a little kitchen and everything! How perfect? I'm planning to go there this summer with my boyfriend. (when youre visiting paris, visit these gorgeous vintage shops: http://melovey.blogspot.com/2011/07/paris-vintage.html


Much love,