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7 juni 2012

London ♥

Big ben ♥

In a few hours I will go off to London! Finally! I posted a loooong time ago I was planning to go. and now finally I will depart :)

I've planned to go of course to Oxfor street, Oxford circus, Camden, Covent garden and the rest I will see there.. I hope to find a lovely designer item in one of the vintage shops there.

Me and my best friend have booked an appartment via Wimdu.com.So I'm very curious how that will be.. You actually hire somebody's appartment. Maybe the person had a room left in his or her house or just tries to make a living out of it. We only payed €34 a night for 2 persons. So that ain't too expensive. That means a lot of money left to spend.

I will show you some photo's, and tips, etc.. .when I get back. (sunday)

below some photo's which I took the last days..

Me and my boyfriend at my prom.

Whoooh! Axl rose's looking my way! Went to the GNR concert last monday. I stood frontrow and it was AMAZING!

I went to see Tenacious D. With Jack Black. It was amazing. P.S. take a look at the decor ;)


Much love, Birgit

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  1. ohh you went!?!? how amazing! and how amazing you're going to London! take lots of pictures and have fun!! :)

  2. im also curious about the apartment.. just to think ahead when i once go to London myself - this price seems heavenly and makes me curious what the apartment is/looks like :) take some photos of that too if you can :)

  3. Have an amazing time in london!!! i hope the tips i gave you a while back will be useful! take lots of pics girl!!! :)) XOXOX