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20 februari 2013

Fun fashion moments

Dear sweet followers,

It's been a while, actually, its been a long long while.. But here I am!
And here's a summary of the most fun moments of fashion from the last week.

To start: The harlem shake. In this video Cara Delevingne & Jourdan Dunn are doing the harlem shake. Since we're all hooked on social media things like the harlem shake spread fast. And it's very funny to watch all the different versions of the shake, and most fun of all is your friends doing it, or from someone from who you didn't expect it. Like these two top models. This is backstage at the Topshop Unique's Fall 2013 show. Watch and enjoy!

And next is also a video. Lately there are being made loads of fashion video's. Karl Lagerfeld made one for Chanel a few weeks ago and now its Miu Miu's turn. And I think they did a great job.

It's so mysterious, if this isn't art, I don't know what art is anymore. The music makes everything even more mysterious, the special effects like the slow motion. Wow, just wow. Plus it's directed by Inez & Vinoodh. They do a great job most of the time in my opinion.

Last weekend BeyoncĂ© launched a documentory about her own life. It's named 'Life is but a dream'. She directed it herself and filmed some parts by herself. It's about her life and fame and also about little Blu Ivy. You can watch it here ↓

I hope you all enjoyed!
Enjoy your week!

Lots of love,