Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

25 december 2011

supertrouper lights are gonna find me

First of all, Happy holidays to all of you! I hope you will have the most wonderful christmas!

19 december 2011

Let it snow


The first snow has fallen here in The Netherlands :) It's actually snowing as we speak, right now!
That means it's time (oficially ;)) for hot chocolate's, sitting near the fireplace, ice skating, snowfights, etc..
It looks so great, and it looks like it's gonna be a white christmas ♥. Let's hope so...

11 december 2011

Glitters for the holidays

Skirt 1, Skirt 2 (victoria's secret), Skirt 3
Bag (Chanel), Heels, 

The first thing I think of when I think about what to wear during the holidays is glitter! It is one of those moments when it's allowed to wear it (of course it is normally as well, but it seems to be generally more accepted during christmas time). That's a weird thing by the way, maybe society wants to keep glitter special? maybe my view of it isn't correct, but I got the idea that glitter is more accepted during the holidays. Maybe a special touch for the special days. Anyhow, those gorgeous heels, don't you love 'em? I sure do.. If I could only wear them for one day I would be satisfied, and craving for them after that moment. 

I really like those glitter skirts, The third one specially, It would look awesome. 

 I Hope you will all have the most wonderful holidays, with lots of champagne, delicious food, pretty cothes and fun moments!

9 december 2011

Rockstars that influenced fashion


Yes, Rockstars that influenced fashion. I think every rockstart that was as famous as Kurt  must have influenced the fashion scene. that's logical if you'd ask me. A large group of people was (and still is) adoring the band, including the clothes they wore. Kurt cobain, of course, was an important person in the grunge scene. He wore red blocked blouses, green knitted cardigans, ripped up jeans, weird sunglasses... Sounds pretty much like Kurt to me. Below a few photos that may give you a short view of his style, followed by some fashion-a-like photos, inspired by kurt.

6 december 2011

Beloved things of the week

1. Starbucks hot chocolate milk with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. unfortunately, here in the Netherlands they don't have marshmellows at starbucks to put in the hot choco's. Neverthelesss, it was delicious!

1 december 2011

December ♥

Finally, it's December! :) I've been waiting for this month, since the 1st of january. 
I love this month so much, just to name a few:
- Christmas
- Sinterklaas (dutch sort of Christmas)
- New years eve
- All of the dinner parties, NYE parties
- All the lights in the city