Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

27 maart 2012


Look at this legging, how pretty could it be? I love it, I need it...

This skirt is just amazing, I imagine when you're wearing this skirt people on the streets turn their heads just to watch what they just saw was right. yup!
And of course a leather biker jack, essential!
And this little kitty, how sweet gorgeous and cute..
Since I saw the Diane F camera from lomography last night I'm obsessed. They make such pretty photos. So 60's-a-like. The 60's inspire me so much, I love very much things about it, including this camera! I think I want a plain white one!

What do you think?

Much love, Birgit

9 opmerkingen:

  1. i agree with everything. and even though im not a fan of leggings in public (except at the gym or nice leggings under a long baggy sweater) i do think these look quite awesome! i also have to agree with you about the Diane F camera, im also obsessed with lomo, have been for a long time.
    and that skirt - i'd love to have that and i'd love to observe people's reactions when wearing this! that'd be fun. well, here i get weird looks when wearing my bright blue shoes (which is weird i think) imagine walking with this skirt!? oh that'd be fun!
    also, i've been looking for a leather jacket like that for ages now. i need one for the summer too. the one i have right now is a bit too warm for summer (it even has a bit feather in it). everybody seems to have the jacket i want except me! frustrating...
    as you can see im again having hard time giving a short comment, instead im going for a long novel again haha sorry about that!

    1. Thanks Norah, I love your comments!
      Yes, I love the skirt, I also love to observe people's reactions. But people even react strange when youre wearing a long dress, how weird is that actually? I always love it. Yes, the same here about that leather jacket. I'm searching the internet for the perfect one, but it isnt as easy as it seems. haha ;)

  2. i would wear those leggings until they ripped :) have a happy week, sweetie!!

    love, james

  3. the skirt is to die for.. perfect for you, ladies!



  4. Oh My God!!! I love that skirt its so cool,its like an optical illusion? if thats what you call it,it tricks your mind.
    Love those cut out leggings and that super cute cupcake camera.
    Great Finds and inspiration.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment,hope your having a lovely week x

  5. Great isnpiration post! I'm in love with this skirt! It's absolutely doubtlessly cool!And I agree with you Diane F camera is beyond awesome and to wish for!




  6. Hee mooie plaatjes! Dat fototoestel is echt hot! <3
    Zou ik zelf wel willen hebben! :-) de plaatjes zijn ook heel inspirend!
    i <3 your blog! See ya meid! Xxxjes cristina kolpen

  7. woww the second skirt is totally a piece of art!! :D


  8. I love that biker leather jacket! Must-have in the wardrobe.