Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

27 november 2011


I've planned to go to London this spring, I really can't wait for it. 
My heart on weheartit.com is full of london photos. I'm searching for the best hotels, close to the city and not too expensive. And I'm already waiting for the spring collections to arrive at topshop, primark, lipsy, etc.. 

And my question for you is: Any shopping tips? must see places that aren't as famous as the big ben ;) nice clubs,  that sort of things, or nice vintage shops. And for the ones who've been there before and love the same music as I do ( Rock: guns n roses, acdc, led zeppelin, doors, beatles, stones, etc, pink floyd) maybe some fine music stores or something. 

Many thanks in advance :) 


23 november 2011

melovey on tumblr.com

Yes, I thought it might be funny to start a tumblr blog as well. Of course this will be the ''main blog'', the tumblr one will be (I'm trying) a bit more lazier. I will be publishing photos and images, writing a short piece of text, and that will be it! And it will be in dutch I think. But that was what I thought when I started with melovey.blogspot.com, and here we are; completely in english. So nothing will change here. If you want to take a look: www.birrie.tumblr.com (melovey was already chosen, unfortunately!)
Guess it will be a bit more personal as well. okay. 

20 november 2011

Delicious chocolate cake recipe

What else is better than some hot chocolate milk  and a piece of chocolate cake (two layered ☺ ) on a cold winters day? Well, maybe some hot chocolate, chocolate cake, marshmellows, lots of money to go shopping, great music on the background, and your boyfriend who just brought you a new pair of shoes as a surprise.. Ah, well,  since I don't have the power to give you all the above, we just have to be satisfied with hot chocolate milk and selfmade chocolate cake ♥ delicious! So below you will find a recipe to make a twolayed chocolate cake, with frosting. Enjoy it!
Much love,



16 november 2011

Black suede shoes ♥

Oh, I love these pretty, pretty shoes. I'm searching for great black (suede) ancleboots just like these. And I'm gonna find them. Oh-so-pretty.. ♥ Tomorrow I am going to shop and search.. ;)

13 november 2011

assymetric skirts/new models

assymetric skirts

assymetric skirts by blondivva featuring black sandals

 Unfortunately I've been very busy, that's why I didn't post too much.  Making clothes seems to be a new obsession. I finally finished my midi skirt. I will post photos very soon, And have already plenty of new ideas! One of my ideas is to make an assymetric skirt. 

8 november 2011

8 things I love

Snow, It somehow makes me feel so happy. When it starts snowing, I get that christmas-a-like feeling. And the sound of fresh snow, when you step into it.. But on the otherhand I hate it to cycle to school in the snow. You fall so fast because the streets are glazed with frost. And all those hot chocolatemilks ♥

6 november 2011


Last friday I went to paris, and it was amazing. It was my 5th time to visit this beautiful city. The city is awesome, and so romantic. we arrived there arond 11.30 and went straight to Champs Elysées, went to Abercrombie & Fitch. That shop is such an experience. Then we went to H&M and I bought my shoes♥ (Pretty ones)  

3 november 2011

Tomorrow: Paris

In a few hours I will leave this cold, rainy country and trade it for one day for Paris. I've heard it's warmer there. ;) and the same day we will leave in the evening. But I'll probably be back very soon. 
So I'm going to shop, wander around in the beautiful streets, those kind of things. I've been looking forward to this day since the day I heard I would be going to Paris.... 

1 november 2011

pretty ones

The most beautiful shoes they're selling at H&M at this moment:
Theyre lovely, they're wearable with nearly everything, They look oh-so-comfortable, and they give me that feeling when you've just discovered something really amazing and beautiful... 
And the best is yet to come... Theyre only €24.95 How cheap for such beauty's? 

I will definitely be buying a pair of these when I'm in Paris this friday (♥).
 And I will by the way make loads of photos there, and buy loads of cool beautiful clothes, shoes, and more nice things (hopefully). And if they don't sell them in paris (can't imagine) than I'll buy them as soon as possible online when im back. 

I want/need the black ones!

Much Love, B.