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19 maart 2012

Vogue Nederland is coming very soon!

Last sunday I went shopping in Amsterdam, I had the best time, but unfortunately it was a rainy day. But, this wednesday Vogue Nederland will be in the shops (wednesday only at bijenkorf, thursday at all shops that sell  magazines) But because there the special edition will arrive at the bijenkorf, at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam everything was already made pretty. Take a look! 
I'm sure gonna get the special edition on wednesday, what about you? are you gonna get it? 

Much ♥, 

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  1. sounds very exciting! i've seen pictures of it and looks good. always nice to have "your own vogue". we'll see how it will turn out. i usually prefer british or american vogue just so i could understand the language better. but every now and then when the photos are gorgeous i do like to purchase an italian or french vogue. im sure i'd give dutch vogue a go too if it'll find its way to estonian stores :))