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10 april 2012

no time

First of all, I've been so busy! I got no time to blog, I even miss the blogging. I miss getting those lovely and sweet comments, and reading all of your pretty blogs, posting pretty photos, making everything prettier..
I miss it. But over a month my exams begin. And that means I have to finish all the last projects, lots of tests, etc, etc...

And I'm making plans for this summer, I'm searching for a chamber in Den Bosch, and also a job for all the free time I'll have during this summer. And it just eats all my time away.
But soon, It'll be over. And I will have time to make an outfit post or something. Something more personal.
Anyhow, some pretty photo's:

Oh by the way, two friens of mine recently visited London, and they hired an apartment. via the site www.wimdu.com it's genius! I searched for an accomodation stay, and (you are never gonna believe this) 200 meters away from the Arc de triomphe, very nice looking, 21€ a night! the's a shower and a little kitchen and everything! How perfect? I'm planning to go there this summer with my boyfriend. (when youre visiting paris, visit these gorgeous vintage shops: http://melovey.blogspot.com/2011/07/paris-vintage.html


Much love,




Yum! nomnomnom! ;)

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  1. so glad to see you back with such nice inspirational photos! i'd like to go to Paris someday soon again especially for that price a night!? insane!
    my instagram photos were taken with my big camera, i just added insta filter to them. phone's camera is decent but still not as good as the big camera's. these were just random snapshots from random moments, so i figured it'd make more sense to make it an instagram post :) im so glad you enjoyed it and im very happy to hear from you again!

  2. Lovely! Got my eye on those gorgeous shoes and pumps. Craving for some waffles right after this.

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  3. Welcome back dear to the blogging world! I have the same feeling every time I'm off blogging:)
    And thanks for your tips with appartments! It sounds absolutely amazing!




  4. Welcome back!! And thanks for your advice about the english course, I really appreciated that ;) Those photos are beautiful and the last one is making me hungry :b Wish you good luck with your exams :)