Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

28 februari 2012

New in: heels!

I've been searching for black heels for a long long time, and found gorgeous pairs of 'em, but was hesitating too long, and collection had changed. But when I saw these, I knew I was going to regret if I wouldn't have bought them. I love love them. 

Hope you all had a great start of the weekend, I'm already looking forward to the next weekend, 
somedays it really seems like I'm living from weekend to weekend. Maybe all our governments should decide to make school more fun, and less boring. Let's start with the opening times! 


20 februari 2012


Yup, I've got 50 followers via GFC since today! And it may seem little, but it's a lot to me! 
 Thanks a lot to all of you! 

Hihi, don't ya love spongebob as well?!

16 februari 2012


This orange skirt I was trying at H&M, bought it in the end. More about this skirt soon! :) 

8 februari 2012

Vogue Nederland

Yes, Finally! The moment is near! Vogue Nederland is about to be introduced in our cold, rainy, tiny country. I can't wait! The ex-editor in chief of Glamour left glamour one issue ago, and will be the vogue editor in chief. And there were some rumours going on that in november there were photoshoots. But since it all took so long, I was getting tired of waiting so long.. But finally it's coming. When is still a mystery. But the message that it's coming is enough for now! You can even subscribe yourself, 12 issues, €53,55, and you may get a ticket for the Vogue Nederland launch.. So let's cross our fingers .

(photo out of Glamour Nederland, issue: March)

Much love,