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2 september 2012

September/I'm back!

Dear sweet readers, 

First my apologies for my unannounced absence. Summer started and I just relaxed a LOT.. That's kinda what happened. I just wanted to have no obligations. Thereby I just started the study journalism and I moved to my own place closer to my school. So I now live in a student's appartment. I love it. I decide what I want to eat, and luckily I got real nice housemates. 6 other girls live in the house, so that's cozy. And I love living in the city. Although it's a small city. I now live in 's-Hertogen Bosch also known as Den bosch. It ain't big but it ain't small either. The city is very old and all the buildings are so pretty. I love walking trough the city in the early morning, the delicious smell of fresh baked bread, the sun, it's not too crowded, I love it. I could go shopping whenever I want. Just perfect. 
And by the way, Thanks Norah for reminding me of blogging.. :) 
And autumn is on it's way, I love autumn.. Summer is great but since summers in the Netherlands aren't quite the same as they are in Spain I love it a bit less than other persons.. Thereby I love the smell of the leaves on the ground, Just drinking hot chocolate milk and lots of latte macchiato's (gosh, what a great drink!),I find the clothes  so much prettier than summer/spring clothes, layering your clothes, sitting in front of the fireplace/hearth, the beautiful lights in the evening... It's great I think. And it may not be autumn yet, but here the weather is autumn-like.. 


Thank god umbrella's are invented (or you're sitting inside :))

Much Love, 


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  1. you're sweet Birgit! i'm so glad to see you're back. i totally understand what you mean about being lazy and lack of time - these two never work well together...
    anyway, i agree about fall. i love it too. i mean i love every season but despite the fact that i'm always sad to see summer go, i'm also always excited for fall.
    and i'm also happy to read about your studies and moving! journalism is very interesting, also hard i think (i mean if you want to really be a journalist). i don't know if you knew it but i take journalism and communications at uni. the end of this or now last year i chose communications as my main subject but the name of the program is still journalism and com, so i get a lot of that too :) i really like what i'm studying!