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24 april 2012

small pretty bags

Oh, I have this weird thing with small bags. I always think theyre prettier than big bags. I got a few big ones though, but always try to put all my stuff in the little ones. haha, my wallet is often too big to fit in these small bags. I have no idea how you call these certain bags, but I love them. Which one is your fave? I'd prefer a timeless brown or black one. Maybe the first, or the prada. But I wouldn't mind to have the minty Chanel. haha! Anyhow, I'm way too lazy right now to put all of the links in here, so you can find all bags on my fashiolista profile, which you can find to the left of you!

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Kingfisher bag | Burberry Prorsum | Matchesfashion.com
mytheresa.com - Salvatore Ferragamo - FANCY TEXTURED LEATHER SHOULDER BAG - Luxury Fashion for Women / Designer clothing, shoes, bags

Vintage Designer Handbags Ltd - Company No:7503586
Oh, pretty, pretty! This bag is iconic, mint green, chanel, pretty, not too big, classy, what else do we want? Unfortunately, this one's vintage. So if we want one, the searching work will be very hard!)

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  1. All very adorable, especially the brown and green ones!

  2. i agree. timeless classic brown or minty chanel - these two are gorgeous! i like small bags too but the thing is that they just don't fit all my crap... i bought myself a tiny michael kors bag cause it was just so cute but it doesn't fit my wallet or anything, so i don't get to wear it much. even when going out i need to change my wallet but i only wear id, credit card and some cash with me anyway.

    i understood what you meant with bleaching. we have almost the same word in estonian: kloor. in english it's the chlorine that makes your clothes bleach. i actually didn't think of that before your comment but you're absolutely right. this may happen to my bikinis as well but hopefully not. i'd like another pair for the summer as well, since i only have this new pair and one black and they both pretty much look the same - not good for tanning mark when they are all the same style :) can't wait to be able to wear a bikini!!

  3. So adorable! all of them! Love the chanel one in green so cute! Thank you for following me:) Follow you back with pleasure! Great blog:)

    Olya xo


  4. Kleine tasjes zijn indd echt schattig! Ik vind de eerste, laatste en eentje in mint super mooi!




  5. ohhh this bags are cute as. love to have them all.


  6. cute photos!Follow each other on Bloglovin, GFC and Twitter?