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14 mei 2012

Lipstick Rose passioné

 While the sun finally shines a bit here in The Netherlands and I'm listening to some 'summer feeling music' and loving my new lipstick. And most of all finally some sunlight after all this rain we've had here. :) 
And some more good news. My trip to London is finally booked! :) And I'm also in the middle of my exams right now.. I had art history today, dutch tomorrow and have economy on wednesday. Wish me luck ;) hope economy goes well.

The lipstick's named: 13 rose passioné

Bourjois has the greatest make-up. especially the colors are so pretty. I found this lipstick and instantly loved it. What's your opinion about Bourjois and the whole thing? 

xxxxxx Birgit

13 opmerkingen:

  1. nice color!


  2. Hij ziet er inderdaad mooi uit! Helaas was de zon maar van korte duur, hier in ieder geval wel..

  3. such a beautiful lip color :)


  4. what a beautiful color! i really hope your exams went well and you get a good rest now soon - you must be super excited for London! :) jealous!

  5. Your lipstick's color is nice I love it! :)

  6. horray for sunlight! that is a pretty lip colour on you! I wish i wasn't too scared to try on some lip clour =) i hope youre doing well!

    love, james

  7. love that color on you! gorgeous!