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26 juni 2012


Dear lovely readers,

I know it's been a while... But I've got some good news..
First of all; I graduated! Yay, those six years of high school weren't for nothing. I enjoyed my time there with friends. 
And I'm gonna live in my very own place. It's small, but central 's Hertogen bosch.. Guess nobody knows where it is. But it's a very pretty and old city. Anyhow, I got my own toilet but  bathroom and kitchen I've got to share with 6 other girls. The other girls are all very kind and I hope we're really gonna have a good time together! I'm so looking forward to it! 
And next monday I will depart to Barcelona! And I just came back from London.. Okay 2 weeks ago.. I went there with my best friend, Eva. We've been friends for 13 years!

And I bought so many new shoes! Gonna show them to you very soon. 
Well I'm very excited about everything. 
But I've got a question. Because you all helped me out so good with to do and see tips in London. That I actually want to ask the same for barcelona. Where to find the best restaurants, vintage shops and the most gorgeous shoes in Barcelona? It would help me a lot! :) 

Lately I'm so obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts.. the look so pretty!  And of course mint, how beautiful is that color!
Oh, gosh! I'm just craving to have this bikini. I love the galaxy print... Doesn't it look amazing?
My heart skips some beats while looking at this photo. It may be summer but summer doesn't always mean sunny weather in the netherlands.. But in Barcelona it will (hopefully) be better!
I was already obsessed with lita's.. But guess what. it only got worse! I really want these gorgeous shoes.. I already can imagine me wearing these.. They look so comfy too. Like you can walk endlesly on these shoes. And people staring at my shoes just because they're so pretty!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd! Die foto met die jurk is echt heel gaaf :)

  2. yeey ik sta er ook op hihi:) die bikini is trouwens super cool!!:D ik verveelde me en ik dacht ik ga is bij Birgit haar beautyblogg kijken :D

    xxx Eef♥