Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

17 januari 2012

Minimize Frizzy hair during the winter months

Since temperatures are getting under 0 degrees, and the weather isn't too good for our hair. My hair is a bit frizzy every now and then. So I decided to dedicate this post to that problem. If you have some tips or tricks that aren't mentioned here you could just mention them in a comment or something.

13 januari 2012

Pretty shoes


Source: WHI

This would be the third or something post about gorgeous shoes. Can't get enough of them! This time also some more special shoes, still very wearable.

I've been so busy, next week I'll post more. but I'm trying to write as much as I can.

By the way, In the summer I will go to Barcelona to celebrate my graduation (hopefully! :)) I know I am very early with this, but any must see things?

10 januari 2012

Beloved things

Marilyn, classic of course. I love everything about those golden days. Listen to frank sinatra and Dean Martin all the time. I just love the photos and music of those days... ♥

5 januari 2012

stormy weather

When it's oh-so-stormy outside, like it is right now. And thank god it still is vacation. I actually want to stay in bed, and drink tea and coffee all day long, listen to some music and enjoying the moment, and most of all enjoying the fact that I'm inside not outside. :) I hope it's a bit warmer and less rainier and stormy than it is here. :)

4 januari 2012

Those who don't pick roses in summer won't pick them in winter either - German Proverb

A few weeks ago, I ordered this skirt. That wasn't quite easy.. when I was bored I found this gorgeous piece on the forever21 site, But wanted to sleep a night on it. And ofcourse, the next day it was sold out. After waiting and hoping for the skirt to come back, it came back. luckily for me. 

I love how it looks when the wind blows, and it's such a pretty colour if you'd ask me. Excuse me for the non-proffesional photos, but I didn't have much time. 

Een paar weken terug bestelde ik deze rok, dat viel nog niet mee. Toen ik een beetje uit verveling op forever21.com eindigde en de collectie aan het uitpluizen was zag ik deze rok staan. Ik wilde er toch nog even een nachtje over slapen. En natuurlijk was deze rok de volgende dag uitverkocht. Na lang wachten en hopen tot dat de rok (hopelijk) terug zou keren in de winkel. En dat deed hij gelukkig. na een week lang elke dag op de site gekeken te hebben bestelde ik hem daarom ook maar meteen toen hij weer bestelbaar was. 

Hij waait erg mooi in de wind, en de kleur is ook erg mooi. Licht roze. Hij is voor zo in de winter wel wat koud, dus het wordt wachten op de lente, of gewoon voor binnen natuurlijk ;)