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31 mei 2012

how to make your own chips/ crisps

 Okay, step one: Slice a potato as thin as possible! I first used a knife but later I used a cheeseslicer or in dutch just kaasschaaf. :) This just is the most efficient and (a bit more) safe way.
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Step two: Flavour your crisps! here I used salt with tomato pieces in it. But my recommendations are curry and pesto! Especially pesto is ultra delish. I just can't get enough of it! :)

 Well step three: make sure the potatoes have a bit of 'personal space and don't touch each other too much. This was my way, and I thought it worked pretty good! Though you can see here my slices are a bit too thick for real chips. With a cheeseslicer it goes waaaaay better!

Step four: Microwave it all! The whole thing goes in it for 5 minutes. It could be a bit more or less. That depends on your microwave. 

And the result! My photography qualities aren't mega good! Way too much light! However it is Delish! And it is not fat! It ain't fryed. I hope you liked it! 

Enjoy it! 

Much Love,

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  1. Ik vroeg me al zo lang af of je dat zelf ook kon maken :D

  2. Ziet er lekker uit! Ga ik zeker eens proberen :D

  3. Supaaa hott! ♥

    Echt iets voor myy ♥

    Xx Lien