Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

31 mei 2012

how to make your own chips/ crisps

 Okay, step one: Slice a potato as thin as possible! I first used a knife but later I used a cheeseslicer or in dutch just kaasschaaf. :) This just is the most efficient and (a bit more) safe way.

14 mei 2012

Lipstick Rose passioné

 While the sun finally shines a bit here in The Netherlands and I'm listening to some 'summer feeling music' and loving my new lipstick. And most of all finally some sunlight after all this rain we've had here. :) 
And some more good news. My trip to London is finally booked! :) And I'm also in the middle of my exams right now.. I had art history today, dutch tomorrow and have economy on wednesday. Wish me luck ;) hope economy goes well.

The lipstick's named: 13 rose passioné

Bourjois has the greatest make-up. especially the colors are so pretty. I found this lipstick and instantly loved it. What's your opinion about Bourjois and the whole thing? 

xxxxxx Birgit

6 mei 2012

Meet glamour

As an faithful subscriber of Glamour I was invited to come to the Glamour office. I guess it's because of the new editor in chief. It's in Diemen, which is close to Amsterdam. So I planned a litte go-to-see-the-none-h&m-a-like-shops-day :) I went to see a lot of cool shops, found a litte chinese shop where you could buy chinese tea, china, wallets, keychains, everything. Amazing! Anyhow, I went to Diemen finally. And when I finally found the office I was way too early. (normally I'm late so this was new to me ;)) well I wasn't the only one who was too early, we were getting invited to get upstairs to the real office. Everywhere was glamour, pink allover, pink walls, pillows, post-its everywhere.. Loved it! They made name cards, and had a couple of bottles with Moët and ordered some fries. There were all sorts of cookies.  
The Glamour editorial staff was so kind! we were first talking about us, what we like, what our fave brands are, where we shop, then about what we like and don't like about the magazine. And then the best part came, They showed us the room with all the designer items, there was a whole clothing rack full with Stella McCartney, another with Chanel, another with gucci... I was secretly wondering what would happen if one of them would disapear.. :) haha, the woman opened another room with 'stylists own' stuff and some none desinger clothes. And another room was filled with make-up. I had a wonderful time! At last they told me that they always need trainee's, so when I'm studying I'm just gonna sollicitate there, and hopefully it's still possible. That would be a dream come true. 
And we received a goodie bag! Below you can find photos of what was inside of it!