Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

27 maart 2012


Look at this legging, how pretty could it be? I love it, I need it...

This skirt is just amazing, I imagine when you're wearing this skirt people on the streets turn their heads just to watch what they just saw was right. yup!
And of course a leather biker jack, essential!
And this little kitty, how sweet gorgeous and cute..
Since I saw the Diane F camera from lomography last night I'm obsessed. They make such pretty photos. So 60's-a-like. The 60's inspire me so much, I love very much things about it, including this camera! I think I want a plain white one!

What do you think?

Much love, Birgit

23 maart 2012

DIY braided bead

When I was wondering on Honestlywtf.com I saw a great diy how to make a braided bracelet, and I did it with hex beads. See here the diy: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-beaded-bracelet/
And I made one myself, but my cord was too thin, and my beads too big I guess, still like it, but I'm gonna make a better one soon! anyhow, here's an idea how it looks!


19 maart 2012

Vogue Nederland is coming very soon!

Last sunday I went shopping in Amsterdam, I had the best time, but unfortunately it was a rainy day. But, this wednesday Vogue Nederland will be in the shops (wednesday only at bijenkorf, thursday at all shops that sell  magazines) But because there the special edition will arrive at the bijenkorf, at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam everything was already made pretty. Take a look! 
I'm sure gonna get the special edition on wednesday, what about you? are you gonna get it? 

Much ♥, 

5 maart 2012

Bear cardigan, DO or DON'T?

Is it a do or is it a don't? It could look childish, but it could as well look cute. And not very unimportant is that it is super comfy, warm and huggable! For those cold last winterdays. I say do, but what is your answer?

ebay $18.99

Much love, Birgit

3 maart 2012

movie: Walk the line

Yep, Since when in heavens name do I review movies? I'm wondering myself as well!
Well, since on one of my good old criminal mind nights the channel decided soccer was more important that that brilliant serie. Oh god, yes it is. So I decided to watch one of my dad's movies. Of course I've heard of Johnny Cash before but to be frank I didn't know that much about the man. I always was a bit anoyed because all the men seem to have some sort of fetish with John.Which I didn't understand, until now. This movie, it starts all kind of sad. He lives on the farm and his father doesn't love him, his brother dies, and  he decides to live on his own. He meets his future wife, they get married and 2 babies are born. Well at first I hated it because when he was gettin' famous he was trying to kiss June. Wel I'm not gonna give away the whole storie and destroy the fun of watching this movie. But what I'm gonna say is that the end is so romantic.. My heart melts when thinking about it. So when you've ran out of movies or the television has got nothing to offer you, I recommend this movie to you, especially when you like the music or like music movies like me!

John and June

1 maart 2012

The fashion book

As a present fo r my 18th birthday my boyfriend gave me this awesome book. He found it in a second hand book store.  And yes, it is as good as it looks! In in there are well known and less known designers, make up brands, artists, models, photographers, icons, everything! Let me give you a sneekpeek: