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23 maart 2012

DIY braided bead

When I was wondering on Honestlywtf.com I saw a great diy how to make a braided bracelet, and I did it with hex beads. See here the diy: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-beaded-bracelet/
And I made one myself, but my cord was too thin, and my beads too big I guess, still like it, but I'm gonna make a better one soon! anyhow, here's an idea how it looks!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. i've seen this around the Internet and I have been meaning to try this, but i never get around to it :) your bracelet looks so cute :) i hope you have a happy weekend, sweetie!!

    <3 james

  2. oh well done, this looks great. i love diy jewellery. x

  3. Brigit you are always too kind! and you always make me blush - this time was no exception! :)