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27 september 2012

Update :)

Dear lovely readers,

The weather is slowly turning colder and it's beginning to look a lot like autumn which I love! Only the smell of fallen leaves make me crave for hot chocolate and new winter boots.. I really love the study journalism which I started 3 weeks ago. Luckily. Many people make the wrong choice.. Well thank god I feel like I've made the right one.

And well since I'm a student I cannot afford everything I want to buy, so I buy the items I love too much to let go. Like this jacket from the Lana Del Rey for HM collection. Although I'm not a huge fan of Lana ( she ''dated'' Axl Rose. Of who I'm a huge fan and I just don't want her to date him. She's actually very creepy. She recorded a song called 'axl rose husband'. Plus she had a relationship with Marilyn Manson. If you don't know him google him and you will know what I mean.) but ignoring all the above I really love the jacket. It looks amazing, the fabric looks good (for HM standards) and most of all, its so warm and cosy in this cold days, and is perfect for the weather with a nice scarf it just can't get any better.

I'm still customizing my little house. One of my roommates is leaving and I can get her sofa for free, how sweet?! Everything is going well, but unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I used to have... But I'll get a new phone, the samsung galaxy s2, with wich I will have wifi everywhere, so I can post a lot more.. Plus I can finally get an instagram account.. I've waited for it so long. :)


And by the way, I'm saving for or a new watch or a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's.. Which one should I choose?


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  1. Lana dated Axl? and had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe? how the hell is that possible? i mean, how old is she then? i thought she was like in her early twenties. gonna have to google her now...

    Anyway - I'm so glad you are happy with your choice! I made a wrong choice at first but now I'm happy, although it's a scary field. I'm sure you know what I mean, gotta be a real shark and all, have that personality. And you need to be smart!

    Also excited for your Instagram account - let me know your username then, so i can follow you! mine is chercoco.

    and about your decision - choose the watch! more practical and... more practical heheh :) Litas are nice but the watch is more worth the money I think. I wanted a MK watch for a long time but then I found a watch that looked exactly the one I wanted from him (and it cost a little less than 30 euros!) and now my huge desire for that MK watch has passed. I mean it would still be an amazing present but I'm not saving up for it anymore. although... they are so gorgeous! ohhh