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15 september 2011

things I really love

Glamour, I've been reading it since it came in Holland, i think i was only 13 years old.. Loved it since the beginning.
My dream is to write for it. so next year i'll start my study journalism. That's one step closer ;)
I love the french and english versions as well. actually i like all of them. And Starbucks, i really like it. My fave is the Strawberries & cream frappuccino with loads of whipping cream.. ♥ yum...

Music, you can say my main two passions are fashion and music.  Old music (new too, but less), Elvis, Frank Sinatra, The beatles, The doors, The rolling stones, Guns n Roses never the less (they're my fave♥), led zeppelin, george michael, queen, and this list goes on and on and on :)

My boyfriend, He's such a sweety, and i love everything about him. I'm so lucky to be his girlfriend. Love to be around him, everything seems more fun with him. ♥
I hope we'll be together for a very long long time. (the photo above is just a WHI photo ;))

I love to watch photo's. Sites like weheartit.com fill my free time :) and i love it :)

this frontrow photo (NYFW). These are in some way total opposites of each other. haha. I love the contrast.

Sex and the city. I'm one of those freaks who watched the movie that much times that I've even watched it with the audiocomments of the director :) haha

hope you liked it, wish you the best friday ever! and hope you all have an amazing start of your weekends  :)

much love Birgit.

Source frontrow photo and satc movie: girlscene. others WHI

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  1. lovely post. xx

    &thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  2. Aww I love your post, I hope you'll stay with your boyfriend too! :) good luck!1

  3. Jou muziek-passie en SATC-passie deel ik samen met je ^^. En ik wens je ook een goede vrijdag ^^.

  4. Love the 2nd picture - I really hope you'll follow my blog x

  5. I love also: the Glamour (vandaag gekocht en meteen helemaal uitgelezen),Starbucks, mijn vriend en foto's terug kijken! ;p

  6. Dear!

    Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so happy to find your blog! It so increadably inspiring!

    I totally love this post! The photos are absolutely romantic, beatiful, touchy and just truly inspiring!

    Love it!