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19 september 2011

shoe stretching with ice

 I bought these red shoes, a few months ago in Paris. But theyre a little bit too small. So a good friend of mine  told me she saw this movie made by michelle phan. Most of you already know her i guess. And i did what she told me. 

you have to fill plastic bags wit water, mine weren't quite full but they were just a little bit too small :)

in the freezer 

haha, I think this looks funny :) 


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  1. that is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing! i have a pair of ballerinas that are just so adorable but half a size too small, i'm gonna try stretching them with ice. did yours work well?

  2. Haha, great idea - hope it worked for you!
    Faye xo

  3. This looks so funny and strange but a great idea.
    Thanks for your comment,and of course if you want to take part in my project you still can,I'll probably be doing a post sometime,later tomorrow,im still waiting on a couple more replies,so dont worry there's still time.
    Thanks so much for your interest,I really apreciate your help and if you dont take part,thats fine too,I look forward to hearing from you x
    Hope your having a wonderful day <3

  4. I love red, it's my favorite color :)


  5. Oh...I bought a pair of shoes are a bit small too...doesn't it work?

    Fashion Cat

  6. Hi Birgit! omg did it work? Haha It does look funny! I love your shoes! I've never tried this method before haha :D love Michelle's videos!

  7. wow they look cool!