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25 september 2011


Yep, Autumn's already started, and teh summer is already over. Summer is always lovely of course because of the long vacation, sun sea and beacht (although it was a cold, rainy summer here in the Netherlands). But always at the end of the summer I'm always looking forward to the fall. Because i think the fall isn't that bad. Below I'll tell you why :)

Ja, de herfst is alweer officieel begonnen, de zomer is alweer over. De zomer is ook altijd heerlijk natuurlijk, lekker lang vakantie, zon, zee & strand (alhoewel dat het afgelopen jaar in Nederland niet echt kon vanwege het weer). Maar ik kijk toch aan het einde van die zomer alweer uit naar de herfst. Want ik vind de herfst eigenlijk helemaal niet zo heel erg. Hieronder waarom :)
1. the colors of fallen leaves, They're very inspirational. Brown, orange, yellow, red, beige.. 

2. Going to warm, cosy coffeeshops/tea houses and drinking cappuccino's, loads of tea, oh and of course hot chocolate :) Yum.. And watching the rain outside. I love it. 
3. It may sound weird but I love the sound when you step on a leaf. and the smell of all the fallen ones.  ;)
I love this outfit. ♥ ↑

I've got one like thise one. I love it.
4. I love the clothes and the whole autumn/winter style more than any other. I love layers in my clothing. I think you know what I mean. I always wear a vest. And i love dresses, and tights. When the fall arrives there's greater diversity. And another plus, you can wear scarves. and big, warm sweaters :) which are fashionable this fall as well :) 
5. Important one: buying new clothes. the fresh, new collections in the shops. the lovely new shoes in all the stores.. A new wintercoat, new shoes.. ♥
6. those lazy days in bed.. Just reading some magazines, books, listening to music, watching movies or sleeping. Don't we all love this?

7. The holidays, in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas. Which is kinda the same as santa, but different ;) and of course Halloween. 

I hope you all like autumn a bit more now ;) 

much love, B. 

Source photo's : Weheartit.com

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, super leuke foto's! Ik begin de herfst zelfs leuk te vinden!

  2. I love the autumn style too!! and I agree, sipping some tea in a tea room is the best. :) x

  3. Tja, als je het zo bekijkt valt het allemaal best mee :) En ik moet zeggen: de herfstvakantie is inderdaad héérlijk, alle tijd om bovenstaande dingen te doen. Maar naar school fietsen in de regen en kou... brrr, niets voor mij.

  4. Ik ben dus echt een zomertype, ik hou veel meer van slippers en korte broeken! Toch vind ik van de herfst vooral de cozy momentjes met warme chocolademelk toch ook wel wat hebben.

  5. i couldn't agree with you more! i love fall too! i mean i miss summer and i wish it lasted longer but fall is always a season i look forward to too, and so is winter and spring... they are all amazing in their own way :) and yay to you buying a dry shampoo, let me know how you liked it :)