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5 maart 2012

Bear cardigan, DO or DON'T?

Is it a do or is it a don't? It could look childish, but it could as well look cute. And not very unimportant is that it is super comfy, warm and huggable! For those cold last winterdays. I say do, but what is your answer?

ebay $18.99

Much love, Birgit

6 opmerkingen:

  1. don't. i feel they are supposed to be for little kids.

  2. to be honest, it is a little juvenile. but whatever! you make your own rules and you should wear whatever you want :) i really hope that you are doing well, sweetie!!!

    love, james

  3. I think its super cute!!


  4. Love this post^^I like your blog.


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  5. I think it's a little childish but it's kinda cute too. If you really like it why not? You have to wear what you like :) Have a great week! xoxo