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3 maart 2012

movie: Walk the line

Yep, Since when in heavens name do I review movies? I'm wondering myself as well!
Well, since on one of my good old criminal mind nights the channel decided soccer was more important that that brilliant serie. Oh god, yes it is. So I decided to watch one of my dad's movies. Of course I've heard of Johnny Cash before but to be frank I didn't know that much about the man. I always was a bit anoyed because all the men seem to have some sort of fetish with John.Which I didn't understand, until now. This movie, it starts all kind of sad. He lives on the farm and his father doesn't love him, his brother dies, and  he decides to live on his own. He meets his future wife, they get married and 2 babies are born. Well at first I hated it because when he was gettin' famous he was trying to kiss June. Wel I'm not gonna give away the whole storie and destroy the fun of watching this movie. But what I'm gonna say is that the end is so romantic.. My heart melts when thinking about it. So when you've ran out of movies or the television has got nothing to offer you, I recommend this movie to you, especially when you like the music or like music movies like me!

John and June


The real John & June
The real Johnny Cash

One of Johnny's famous songs.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Guess i must watch it!


  2. Lovely shots, what a great movie!


  3. Leuke foto's.
    Aaah, nu moet ik die film echt zien (: