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2 oktober 2011

buys NGD

The Nathional glamour day was lovely this year! I went to Utrecht, and bougt a lot of stuff. :) it was great!
When I arrived at sephora, there was 3 pieces of Sephora make up for only €10.- . So cheap! I found the (chanel-a-like) diving in malaysia nail polish, another one, and eye powder. They're all awesome!

 And at New Look I had 25% discount, so I bought 3 tights, a dark blue, a black one and a blue/green-ish one. I'm wearing it, so didnt make a photo ;) I found the most lovely red high heels there, but my size was sold out unfortunately... :(

At Men at work i found this lovely braided dress, it was €50,- but I had 25% discount here as well , so €37.50 :)

At H&M I had 25% discount, and I finally bought the perfect jeansblouse, I love it. I also had one, but it's sleeves were poffed, and I didnt really like that, so now I've got a prettier one ;) was €19.95, now € 15

 I also bought black trousers there, they were €9.95 and now €7.50
a black dress

a Jim morrison tee, and one of the beatles. I also bought a jeans skirt, but I couldnt find it at the moment i was taking these photo's ;) 

And some hair clips ;) 

the nail polish below from O.P.I I bought a few months ago, but forgot to show you guys. well here it is, and it's great! ;) 

My very own home made photo studio, just an old shoe box ;)

Oh, and i just ordered the cutest Eyeliner ever!! look how cute it is!! :) I'll review it when it arrives :)
found it here :prettyplease.nl
Waterproof eyeliner

Much love, B.

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  1. Wauw, een ferme shoplog! Wel super leuke spulletjes, vooral die nagellak ;d.

  2. Hey ! dankje voor je comment

    mooie oogschaduw
    wow dat is de eerste nagellak die ik zie, die echt goed op de chanel peridot lijkt