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20 oktober 2011

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will be looking in my diary. But I've made it un-readable ;) I thought it would be perfect for an post. I cut pretty images out of old magazines, and put them in a page. I always think it looks so boring without. I think some of them are pretty, and some less. Well enjoy! ;) 
Much love, Birgit

This item is on my wishlist. Unfortunable the Versace for H&M is not very H&M-a-like priced. So I wont be buying much. But if I am, I'd love to buy this one :
(Versace for H&M €129)

My new winter boots ;)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ya i was looking at this dress too when i saw the images of the collection. most of the stuff wasn't very my cup of tea, at least not if judging by the photos. versace has always been a bit too bright and shiny for me - im too boring in that way :) but that dress would be something i'd absolutely wear! love it even!
    great to see pieces of your diary. i use to write diary myself, now i haven't very much. i only do that when travelling, i even have a special notebook i once made myself that i take with me when i travel somewhere.

  2. Leuk gedaan, en die laars is echt cool :)

  3. Ziet er super leuk uit. Ik deed dat eerst ook, maar had op een gegeven moment een gebrek aan plaatjes.... haha