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11 oktober 2011

Asos under £20 items!

Image 1 of ASOS Spot Shell Top with Rounded Shoulders
(£12.50 click)

I love sale, all sorts of sales.. season sales, midseason sales, national glamour day sales, normal sales.. And luckily at Asos there's a midseason sale right now! Unfortunately I should save some money for the 4th of november, my day in paris! So I won't be buying anything. But I will share my favourite items with you.  :)

Oh, My internet was broken for the whole weekend. So I'm sorry for not commenting and posting much. Though I've posted two posts this weekend.. God bless the one who invented planning ahead :) Anyhow, it's fixed now. :) 

Much love, Birgit

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mini Dress With  Crochet Collar
(£17.50 click)
Image 1 of Paprika Pleated Chiffon Tiered Dress
(£19.- click
Image 1 of Vero Moda Asymmetric Strappy Frill Dress
(£19.- click)
Image 1 of Vero Moda Cut Out Back Cowl Front Mini Dress
(£16.- click)
Image 1 of ASOS Petite Exclusive Dress With Ruffle Bib Waist
(£17.50 click)
Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Strappy Zip Back Bodycon Dress
Image 1 of Vila Abstract Floral Printed Tunic
(£15.- click)
Image 1 of Vero Moda Patchwork Smock Dress
(£16.50 click)
Image 1 of Vero Moda Key Hole Drape Back Low Side Dress
(£14.- click)

OH and by the way, i just found these lovelies! How pretty can one pair of shoes be? If someone would just donate these to me I'd be so happy ;) hahaha

Hope you all enjoyed!


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  1. ok now i want to order that black dress with the collar! i need that dress! i'm waiting for a package from ASOS myself, ordered a dress. since it's my first time to order from there i didn't order more but i have a feeling it's very addictive... like i said - i NEED that black dress! and for that price...

  2. just discovered you have weheart it! awesome, i started following you. i just created an account there like half an hour ago - already getting addicted...

  3. Great post! I know, ASOS is addictive and evil! hehehe I actually just spent like a bomb just cos it's on sale, and now I'm broke! lol
    great picks though! I bought myself a sheer dress on asos :)


  4. Those dresses are gorgeous, and at such a great price! Must check out ASOS now!


  5. Hi, Thanks for all the info! :D I wish I had all that money to even purchase in pounds though!

  6. i love the maxi skirts right now ! great post

  7. i have no idea why can't i comment on your last post - comment for just doesn't exist... hmm. anyways lovely skirts. im a huge fan of skirts so i would have them all!
    but about my post.. yes nature is amazing, i love photographing it. and yes, i live in estonia and i really think it's an amazing country, tiny yet cute and beautiful! you should def come visit if you have the chance :)