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9 december 2011

Rockstars that influenced fashion


Yes, Rockstars that influenced fashion. I think every rockstart that was as famous as Kurt  must have influenced the fashion scene. that's logical if you'd ask me. A large group of people was (and still is) adoring the band, including the clothes they wore. Kurt cobain, of course, was an important person in the grunge scene. He wore red blocked blouses, green knitted cardigans, ripped up jeans, weird sunglasses... Sounds pretty much like Kurt to me. Below a few photos that may give you a short view of his style, followed by some fashion-a-like photos, inspired by kurt.

the green cardigan :) he had another green jumper which he wore a lot!

Nahw..., this is just cute :)

KURT COBAIN 1967 – 1994 #5

Below a photo I found on Lookbook.nu

Below a polyvore collection of kurt and courtney things :)

kurt & courtney

All images from Weheartit.com, google images or polyvore

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  1. i was just listening to Nirvana after a very long time the other day. miss his music, he was amazing. listening to the music of forever 27 club... is just sad. for me especially listening to kurt's, janis's, jim's and amy's music

  2. whaha, dankje (:
    interresante post!

  3. There won't be anyone like Kurt anymore..
    hugs , Nikki <3

  4. Kurt is my favorite too.Love your post !


  5. Great and well done ideas i find here.

  6. love it!


  7. love kurt cobain.. not only he influenced fashion but the music industry.. he totally created a new style of sounds, music and era.. he's the king of the 90s grunge era... cool photos, I like the ensemble you put out together.. cool post!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!